Design Always Comes First


DESIGN is a very broad term and is interpreted in many ways. We understand that without design, there is no form or function to the project. Many times we are approached with nothing more than an idea and a quick sketch. Our team of designers go to work creating drawings, which leads to dialogue and discussion about the project and before long we have agreed on the look, color, style and function of every aspect of the design. We then send this off to our very talented engineering and prototyping department, which makes the design become reality. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies nationwide and understand that every space is different, and we make sure your design is unique and special to your setting.


Over the course of an 8-month period, Wood Technologies designed over 500 different types of units for Bed Bath & Beyond. While keeping up with demand of our other clients, we were able to produce thousands of each unit, which were then shipped to stores all across the United States.